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Crystals and Health - Native American Crystal Therapy

Among Native American nations, Apaches and Cherokees in particular have developed very effective therapies using crystals. The Apache and Cherokee tribes have what is known as a priest craft tradition. This is very significant. Most aboriginal nations have a shamanic culture. Shamans learn through specific experiences than entails dramatic shifts in consciousness often obtained through powerful initiations or life threatening experiences or diseases. All shamans have very unique techniques that are the results of their relationship with the spirits. This ability to communicate with the spirit world comes when one has an out of body experience, often initiated by extreme conditions imposed on the body. The soul thus leaves the body and travels to the upper, middle or lower worlds or into other dimensions. Then it comes back and other older shamans will explain with the help of the cosmogony of their nation the visions of the new shaman. This apprentice will then be taught how to access the other worlds and spirit beings. Usually it easier to go back once the person has already undergone the first voyage to the other worlds after leaving the body under different often extreme conditions.

The tribes where there is a priest craft tradition are often called the mound builders because of their underground temples. These also include nations such as the Hopi and Mayan people. Amongst these nations there is the practice of choosing children who demonstrate specific capabilities and training them over many years. The process is slower than shamanic initiations but in the long run safer as the need for extreme situations to project one’s consciousness into altered states is not necessary. The meditations and ceremonial practises typical of the nations that have a priest craft tradition will in time produce accomplishments and special healing abilities as profound and effective as those obtained through the shamanic path. This is why is it very significant that the nations that have priestcraft traditions have a more detailed curriculum of teachings when it comes to working with crystals. It is understood that working with crystals requires a very clear energy field. The crystals are amplifiers of the healing energy. To focus clear and powerful energies through the crystal requires one to have a one pointed concentrated mind and flowing vital energies. Thus what is amplified through the crystal is beneficial to the healee. This comes naturally to one who undergoes years of training in meditation and ceremonial practices.

Thus the first crystal one works with is oneself. We learn to fine tune, purify, clear, energize and magnetize the crystal that we are. This is done with what is called spiritual practice. Spiritual practices are three-fold: that is prayer, meditation and physical exercises. Prayer serves to purify one’s intention and will. It induces respect for all living things and enhances gratitude and appreciation for the gifts of life. This in turn will magnetize one’s vital energy. Meditation will clear the mind and bring one pointed concentration. Of course, we could speak of meditation without end, it does a lot more than that. But this is the main ability that directly influences the ability to heal with crystals. Physical exercises, that also work with energy, resemble what the asian countries call Tai Chi and Chi Kung. Native Americans also have these types of practices that enhance the energy field of the human body, promoting health, strength and a very long life span.

Crystals are multi-dimensional beings. They are to the mineral kingdom what flowers are to the plant kingdom, what birds are to the animal kingdom and what avatars and enlightened beings are to the human kingdom. Crystals are conscious high energy perfected beings whose very presence will act through harmonic resonance coupling to promote health and perfection in every being around them. Interdimensional travel is an ability the crystals have. Through their ability one can access information that would otherwise not be available. Crystal can become friends, allies in the healing work.

I have been friends with the crystals ever since the age of 5. I have been trained by cherokee and apache spiritual elders. I ever marvel at the incredible beauty and power of those friends from the mineral kingdom that have found a way into my life. I look forward to sharing this knowledge with my Belgian friends.

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