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OWC - A New Approach to Wellness

A New Approach to Wellness

A New Approach to Wellness

Moving towards goals with continuity

This workshop won't load you with tons of theory, but rather simple accessible exercises, experiences and thoughts that help find and realize your goals. By receiving a new kind of support, one can lower expectations and demands for perfection and be surprised. Tears may spring to our eyes, yet - strange and uncomfortable as it may be ‚– we may feel more alive andjoyful than ever before.

In a supportive environment, we can create our own recipe for what works best for us and find courage to follow our hearts desire. Whether that means practicing a cherished art, changing our job, improving relationships, becoming healthier or adding exercise or activism to our lives. In our own combination, we will explore elements of meditation, Alexander Technique (the original mindful work), easy movements and sounds, writing, reflecting and sharing to create our own repeatable ritual and routines.

Creating something in our daily lives that we can truly imagine living daily

We are regulated by our brain patterns, our habits, to resist change. Yet contained and supported as this workshop provides, we can experience and create a new pattern. Once initiated and repeated, new habits can be established. Unusual, and probably uncomfortable to start ‚– just ask anyone who has quit smoking or drinking or stands for the first time in front of people to give a talk ‚– what was once awkward can become more comfortable and accessible.

Often convinced we won't succeed, we give up before the miracle happens. Then start all over again looking for yet another promising cure or idea. It is not continuing that usually trips us up. Habits ‚– good ones ‚– need to be nourished and continued to become robust. The secret is staying on one path, and this workshop will focus on transcending the place where we usually stop.

Deborah is a well-seasoned qualified music/arts therapist and practitioner of Alexander Technique, Freeing the voice and breath, creative dance, acting and expression. She has helped many people recover from a life of debilitating perfectionism and anxiety and create their own soup of the wonderful offerings available in the world. Her book, Pandora Learns to Sing is available on Amazon.

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