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OWC - Alchemy of the Heart

Alchemy of the Heart

Alchemy of the Heart

When we come home in our essence, our Heart dances in joy.

A 5-day dance and meditation retreat

In our heart we can experience love. Real love is synonymous with essence. The deepest essence of love is not the so-called ‚“ falling in love‚”. It is rooted in our own being. It is our connection with life itself. In the dance we connect ourselves with life, sometimes in a dance together, sometimes on our own.  Dance invites us to free the body and explore the heart. In the space unfolding when the heart opens we recognize our essence, which is love itself. It is abundant and available. 

When we dance we explore the natural flow of our energy in a physical and playful way. In meditation we deepen our consciousness and meet ourselves in the deepest silence and intimacy. Dance and meditation empower each other's strength ‚– like two wings, supporting you to live life wholeheartedly. 

We will start the day with a morning meditation. After breakfast we will dance the whole morning. In the afternoon and evening we have diverse program, connecting ourselves to the elements and nature. One afternoon we will do the breath meditation. Breath brings you every moment again and again in a direct connection with ‚'here and now'.

Besides the program there will also be time to enjoy the beautiful nature and the delicious food.

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