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OWC - Dance your art out

Dance your art out

Dance your art out

An Open Floor Art in Motion workshop

Dance is an artform, an adventurous process, it can be exciting, bewildering, scary, sexy, surprising and transcendent. 

We make artful mini-decisions all the time on the dancefloor, decisions about direction, tempo, momentum and which risks to take. We become adept at playing in a particular way, at moving with the texture or flavour of our own energy and seeing ourselves from a new perspective. The aim of ‘Dance Your Art Out’ is to translate these skills into other artistic mediums, using easy-to-do art techniques. When we strengthen our artistic habits, our creative aliveness can flourish into far-reaching aspects of our lives, dreams, dinner plates, wardrobes, relationships, passions and problem solving.

Dance Your Art out is a combination of movement and creativity, this is for you if you want to rekindle your inspiration and build creative confidence. You don't need any previous drawing, artistic skills or training (and if you have, you're welcome too). Whether you love expressing yourself through art or think you don’t have a creative bone in your body, this is an invitation to play, take risks and let yourself be seen.

Sarah Davies is a founder member of Open Floor, she is an artist passionate about movement as a catalyst to creativity. For more see her website:

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