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OWC - Forgiving - for health, freedom, and happiness

Forgiving - for health, freedom, and happiness

Forgiving - for health, freedom, and happiness

Forgive others - and yourself.

Forgiveness is perhaps the most misunderstood act of self-healing. Many people say they have forgiven those who have hurt them. But in a great many cases, these same people still suffer from unhealed wounds and immense anger, even as they tell themselves that they have forgiven. People say they have forgiven themselves, but deep down, they harbor enormous guilt and shame, which, unbeknownst to them, encourage them to secretly engage in self-sabotaging behaviors.

Forgiveness is essential, especially forgiveness of yourself, and those with whom you are in an essential relationship, meaning a relationship that is essential to your happiness.

There are at least four forms of real forgiveness that can help you heal and experience freedom from the negative attachment to the person who hurt you.

The first occurs when you are ready to acknowledge your pain, but forgo any need to have the person punished for what he or she did to you. In effect, you are ready to allow the Universe to be the Ultimate Source of justice and healing. At this point, you are still unhealed, but you are ready to let go of all negative ribbons that bind you to the person who hurt you. This is an act of profound self-love and self-healing.

The second form of forgiveness takes place between two people who are essential to each other’s happiness — between husband and wife, or between intimate partners, for example, or in some cases between parents and children. This form of forgiveness requires specific steps in a healing process, steps that can heal the wounds, restore the love, and promote the growth of both individuals.

The third form of forgiveness is the deepest of all, and can only come about when your wounds are sufficiently healed and you are ready to utilize the pain you suffered for your soul’s purpose on earth. In short, when you are ready to love so deeply that you, in fact, perceive the painful events as essential to your ultimate quest for reunion with your true Self, and the Infinite Divine Light.

The forth, of ocurse, is self-forgiveness, which is supported by all three of previously described forms of forgiveness, but is the consequence of a septic process that Tom will describe in depth in this program.

In this workshop, Tom will show how all four forms of forgiveness can be experienced. He will reveal the process by which each form of forgiveness is achieved, and how each level of forgiveness offers its own profound healing and unique gifts of freedom and self-love.

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