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OWC - Overcoming fear and anger

Overcoming fear and anger

Overcoming fear and anger

Simple ways to overcome fear and anger, heal your heart, and restore balance to your life.

If ever there was a time when we could see the power of fear and anger to create chaos, confusion, and violence within people, this is that time. People are angry at important people in their lives — their partner or spouse, for example, their parents, their employer, even their children. Fear and anger cause tremendous pain, anguish, chaos, conflict, violence, and disease.

The truth is that even as fear and anger exist within you, so too do compassion, love, truth and wisdom. In fact, as we look even deeper within you, even innocence and purity are still there, alive and well within your inner life.

This program will provide simple behaviors that anyone can adopt to help you overcome fear and anger, restore balance to your life, and promote the healing of your heart. These behaviors awaken you to the beauty of life, to our own tenderness, compassion, and love. It will restore your connection to the innocence and purity that still live within you. These simple approaches to life can bring you back to what truly matters in your life.

This one-day workshop will show us different ways to live more fully in a peace that already exists in us all.

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