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OWC - Presence of Heart (Movement Medicine)

Presence of Heart (Movement Medicine)

Presence of Heart (Movement Medicine)

Movement Medicine is a body based movement meditation practice that will reconnect you to the wisdom of living from the heart, the joy of knowing who you are and the satisfaction of making your unique contribution to life. Movement Medicine will deepen your connection to yourself, your creativity and the integrity and guidance of your own soul.

"The very centre of your heart is where life begins.'' Rumi

Come home to your own heart. Take time to honour the journey of your heart. Allow this dreaming heart to open new pathways of possibility in your; life. Your extraordinary heart beats 100,000 times a day and generates an electromagnetic field 60 times stronger than the brain. The home of emotional intelligence and the seat of empathy, the heart opens us to our sensitivity and strength, to our own humanity, to the humanity of others and to the heart of life on all levels. It is a gateway to love, to grief, to healing and dreaming. This heart has, most probably, been broken, maybe many times. This is an opportunity to honour the journey your heart has taken in this life and to listen to its teachings. We dance with this teacher, we allow ourselves to crack open and let the light in. In this way we strengthen our capacity to be connected, fluid and present in life. We are living in challenging times, where we are called to meet our edges both individually and collectively. Seperation seems to be the dis-ease of our times. How do meet these challenging times in presence of an open heart? How do we stay grounded and at home in the face of what is within and in the world? How do we tilt our hearts to the sun and open to the sunlight of what we love? The subtle, strong and clear practices of Movement Medicine can deepen and strengthen our capacity to dance with life, however stormy the weather. This is an opportunity to resource andstrengthen your own circle and to retune to the resonance and wisdom within your heart.This will support your capacity to be 'here' rooted within yourself in relationship with others and with lifes challenges, gifts and inherent unpredictibility. Through the inspiration and support of the dance we gain a deeper understanding of the language of the heart and learn how to be more fully alive and awake to the drum beat of this extraordinary teacher.

David is a fully qualified and practicing psychotherapist, he integrates these skills and his passion for shamanic pathways into his work as a qualified Movement Medicine Teacher in Ireland and throughout Europe. He teaches Movement Medicine, as a contemporary map to explore what it means to be alive in these times and how to transform patterns and wounds into opportunities for growth so we can give all that we can in this lifetime.

Whether you are a seasoned dancer or newcomer you will come away with a tool kit of practical and subtle exercises relevant for meeting the challenges of walking this life in these times.

David is a gifted multi faceted teacher of Movement Medicine. His commitement to every member of his workshops is outstanding! – Pat Burnicardi, Grandmother, Pyschotherapist and Dancer

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