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OWC - Set Your Voice and Self Free with the Alexander Technique

Set Your Voice and Self Free with the Alexander Technique

Set Your Voice and Self Free with the Alexander Technique

Exploring spontaneity and joy and freedom in expression. Find the courage to authentically be who you are.

Are you present for your own life at the moment it is happening? Have you tasted the delicious flow of spontaneity without worry or vigilant fear of being a fool? Are you longing to experience the ecstatic immersion into your authentic expressive and playful self? As we move away from our ''doing' or critical thoughts and experience the wisdom in our bodies, we may be very surprised. What makes us feel ashamed and foolish, can also be a hidden treasure of creativity. We can learn to* play* with this ''shaming' force, and over-demanding need for perfection! This leads us to new discoveries in our voice, ourselves, our movements and our breath, and in who we ultimately are.

With the tools of Alexander Technique, come explore your sound, breath, movement and passion, and who you ultimately are. Whether you secretly wish you could sing or dance, or speak with more ease, or suffer chronic pain, or a musician who feels they are holding back, this workshop will shine a light into blind spots within the body and soul to help you open up and meet yourself in a more meaningful way. You will leave this workshop with new inspiration, with tools of how to practice and play the instrument of your being.

Each day will include: warming up, awareness and expanding exercises, breath and voice, free-dancing and movement exploration and supportive group activities to enhance our goals or how we can uncover our deeper selves.

Deborah Jeanne Weitzman is a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique and has worked internationally as a singer-songwriter and teacher of the Alexander Technique, Voice, Theatre and Movement since 1988. She specializes in helping people overcome stage fright and debilitating perfectionism. Her new book: Pandora Learns to Sing is available on Amazon.

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