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OWC - Healing conference: the Heart of Europe

Healing conference: the Heart of Europe

Healing conference: the Heart of Europe

4-8/9 (ORVAL)

Samenkomst voor change-agents rond de gezamenlijke missie van Europa. 

There is a dynasty of lightworkers, a lineage of people who are taking care of the enlightenment of the world. They are the world teachers, the shamans, the bringers of hope and peace and change.

We willen je van harte uitnodigen voor een samenkomst van lichtwerkers, therapeuten, change-agents en iedereen die betrokken is bij Europa. Het thema van deze bijeenkomst is de ziel van Europa. Waar tot nu toe vooral gekeken is naar de economische eenwording van alle lidstaten ontbreekt totaal de ziel of aandacht voor het hart van ons continent. Wat is onze gezamenlijke missie? Wat bindt ons? Wat raakt het hart? En wat zijn de gevaren of uitdagingen in deze tijd? 

We werken vanuit Open Space, wat wil zeggen dat we samen het programma maken, vanuit ieders eigenheid en persoonlijke leiderschap. De regels van Open Space zijn:

  1. De mensen die er zijn, zijn de juiste mensen
  2. Datgene dat gebeurt, is het juiste dat moet gebeuren
  3. Volg de wet van de twee voeten (volg je eigen hart)
  4. Verwacht het onverwachte

Je bent van harte uitgenodigd!


"The story of Siegfried is the story of Germany. It is the psychological and mythological background of this huge european country, of Middle Earth. It describes the battle between the northern and the southern countries. Itis these two cultures that are strugling, fighting, mingling - north and south - and this is depicted in the story of Siegried. It is not an easy battle and it has been fought out as well in the second world war: the battle between the roman culture and the arian culture. It is a labyrint in which you can only go deeper and deeper to find the heart of Europe, because this is what's all about. 

Forces of darkness are growing again to bring imbalance, to bring duality between north and south and between east and west. The battles in for instance Oekraïne and Russia are part of this growing menace in the east in which forces of suppression and dictatorship are trying to rule the world. Also in the west forces of separation are trying to gain ground, setting people up against each other. Trying to create duality between people. By unleashing the dragon and finding the treasure inside - which is the heart of Europe -  war can be evaded. It is a big choice between fighting and embracing, between war and love. 

Do you separate or do you unite? This doensn't mean you have to give up your own identity, your own essence, but to share where you are and to find common ground. The divine way is a way of communion, of integration, of connecting, like all of the colors of the rainbow connect heaven and earth. 

The dragon can be seen as a menace or a threat, but is only the reflection of your own anger, doubt and darkness inside. It is not a reality. It is an illusion. Those who fight the illusion will find the treasure. The treasure - Die Nibelungen - is the spiritual heritage of the old European kingdom which was guarded by Dagobert and the merovingian kings. It is this spiritual heritage that needs to be brought out into the light again to unite Europe, so there will be a common future instead of war and separation."

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