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OWC - The heart in motion - online

The heart in motion - online

The heart in motion - online

Ongoing Group of 6 weekly online sessions 

Resource and support for ourselves and each other in the vitality and tenderness of the Heart in Motion. The aim of this group is to strengthen our individual and collective care package during these times using the Movement Medicine elemental and Chambers of the Heart maps as a guide: 

EARTH & AWAKENING - ground and holding with the instinct of the heart in the awake, alert, eyes open body. 

FIRE & INTEGRITY - heat, light and expression with the muscle of the heart, protection, courage and commitment. 

WATER & SURRENDER - releasing and invitign the water to wash us, trusting and letting go into the river of our heart. 

AIR & GRATITUDE - lightness, breath and permission, welcoming the heart’s natural joy, generosity and curiosity. 

ETHER & GRACE - space, the vast unknown and the place of radical inclusion, we move, in simplicity, with the crunchy and the smooth. 

Movement Medicine blends the exhilaration of free dance with the awareness of mindfulness, the depth of therapeutic understanding and spirit of shamanic practice. We will use Movement Medicine supported by other modalities to build a safe and permissive enviroment together that welcomes and caelebrates our diversity as well as our unity; in which we can learn and strengthen our connection to all that gives and supports life.  

This group is aimed at those that have already worked with Rosie and/or are Movement Medicine apprentices or professionals, or have experience in Movement Medicine. The group is kept small and accessible, places are limited to 18.

This will be the third time this group will have run and the first 2 groups were rich and, for most people, very supportive at this time. 

Jen has assisted Rosie on this course twice now online - these are some words from her about the course and this online experience: 
"The 'Heart in Motion' workshop is a deeply potent and reflective journey. Over the six weeks we were taken through an immersive journey of the heart and what it is to be human, dancing with being comfortable in our discomfort and being with what is in each moment. 
Rosie creates an incredibly safe space, which allows participants an expanse of self-discovery above and beyond what may be anticipated. This is made possible by Rosie’s deep exploration over the years into her own heart spaces, and she brings an authenticity and vulnerability in her facilitation. As such, a door is opened through which we can follow to explore the foundations of our own hearts. 
This journey is deeply profound, nourishing and healing, and an anchoring way forward in the turbulence of our times." 
Jen Levin, Doctor and Movement Medicine Apprentice Teacher & Facilitator 

"I have so loved being part of the group and found it very nourishing. I felt so supported through the online dances each week and it was fascinating to discover how that real connection can still occur even through a computer screen!"
Elsa Field

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