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OWC - Pulse (Movement Medicine)

Pulse (Movement Medicine)

Pulse (Movement Medicine)

Exploring our natural vitality, momentum, expansion & contraction

PULSE invites us to explore the motion between expansion and contraction, speeding up and slowing down, receptivity and taking action. Trusting when our natural vibrancy expresses itself as a burning sun or a warm glow and remembering the value of both. How do we also welcome and follow our individuality as a valued part of the whole? Noticing that when we allow our diversity, keeping our senses open to what is around us and how we effect each other, we find a vital key to connection and support.

We will work with the simple yet profound practice of awakening the dancer and the spaces in the body, listening and resting into our ‘body brain’ and instinctive self. Dancing also with the elements, spacial awareness, yin and yang. Awakening and surrendering ever deeper into ourselves and our intrinsic interconnection. This is precious time in the village of dancing commnuity to explore the space inside ourselves and between us, discovering more of the freedom to be found in the moving conversation between our individual and collective Pulse.

Movement Medicine weaves the exhilaration of free dance with the awareness of mindfulness, the depth of therapeutic understanding, the intelligence of shamanic practice and spirit of creativity. Dance as a practice is a highly efficient way to process emotions, experiences and get to know ourselves better. Movement Medicine practices are good for life skills, understanding ourselves better; finding out more about, and getting along side, who we actually are. Using this awareness to then be more awake to our connection with the world outside of us and how we interact with it.

The specific intention of Pulse is to increase our internal and external resources by:

  • Becoming more familiar with your ability to expand and contract, enabling you to gently stretch your range so you have more physical and emotional freedom
  • Enhancing your capacity to be with and in your own being, creating more safety and presence when meeting others 
  • Creating more trust and permission to be who you are and where you are
  • Becoming more awake to our interconnection both in a group and as part of life on this precious planet
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