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Online classes

A Course in Miracles

Frank and Kathy have been studying A Course in Miracles since 1990 and the very first time Frank offered a workshop in Orval (in 2000)  was an in-depth approach of this spiritual masterpiece which contains many new insights on the level of  relating to oneself and to one another. As a book the Co...

Alexander technique - online sessions in English

Finding Ease in Movement, Sound and Breath Discovering the unique intuition of your body and mind with Alexander Technique Martha Graham once said: "There's a life force, an energy, translated through you into action, and because there is only one ...

Healer's Program - online

The Problem is the Path — To Your Fulfillment The program focuses on transforming and healing a specific part of your life that currently is fraught with challenge and/or suffering. We will meet twice a month in October, November, and December, and conclude on January...

Reiki self-treatment - online

Enjoy a soothing Reiki self-treatment with a focus of replacing all fear with love.The idea is to give yourself a sense of peace and support and a boost to your immune system.  New to Reiki? Welcome. Very simple to do.Will take about 45 minutes.
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