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Andrea Juhan

Andrea Juhan (California)


Andrea Juhan is therapeute, danseres en al drie decennia lang leerling/lesgeefster in de 5 Ritmes van Gabrielle Roth, Gestalt Awareness Practice en Integrative Body Psychotherapy. Ze creëerde haar eigen vorm van bewegingswerk, Open Floor genoemd, en samen met andere getalenteerde lesgevers richtte ze Open Floor International op. Haar unieke vorm van groepsproces, Open Floor Encouter, wordt wereldwijd uitgedragen. Andrea geeft les in het Engels.

"This is a practice, it's not about getting better, or perfecting ourselves. It's a practice which will help us to widen and embody the endless possibilities of the heart; to hopefully be more open and flexible with what is coming towards us, and what stirs within us."

"Andrea combines sure-footed intelligence and agile grace in her unique style of working with the 5Rhythms. A trained therapist, she brings a deep wisdom and sensitivity to her teaching. She has created a unique, innovative and original form of movement therapy, an exquisite blend of the catalytic power of 5Rhythms work with the sensitive, healing tools of a modern therapeutic process." - Gabrielle Roth

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